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The Baltic Sea Heritage Tourism Information Service (BASTIS) is a work package of Agora 2.0, co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. The basic idea of BASTIS is to provide tailored market information for tourism SMEs, tourism authorities and tourism associations working in the Baltic Sea region (BSR) free of charge and easily accessible.


Work-steps of BASTIS


Identification of key factors and relevant data

To provide a sound basis for the structure and content of BASTIS, scientific desk research was conducted by the Institute of Tourism Research in Northern Europe (N.I.T.). The resultig paper identified key factors or core drivers for successful heritage tourism in the BSR and suggested a corresponding set of data to be compiled from existing data and market research results for BSR heritage tourism. Additionally, a comprehensive analysis on the availability of relevant market research data was undertaken in order to assess which market information could be compiled with a reasonable effort in terms of time and money.


Here you can have a look at the resulting paper of this work-step: File:Agora2.0 BASTIS Core Drivers Text.pdf

Structure of BASTIS

As a lot of data corresponding to the indicators identified is not available at the requested level or not available at all in public, there is a huge need for the different heritage tourism stakeholders in the BSR to actively share information. In BASTIS, we plan to use the “new” possibilities of “Web 2.0”. BASTIS should not be a tool where information is disseminated by one central source but rather democratically shared by the users who require heritage tourism market information in the BSR. It is the idea to create a kind of pre-structured Wiki, in which we provide the structure and start with the content that is available. Then the BASTIS users contribute directly what is missing and update old data.


BASTIS consists of three parts, a wiki, a blog and a forum:

  • The wiki is the heart of BASTIS. Here you can access, share, update and edit all relevant market information for heritage tourism in the Baltic Sea region.
  • The blog is the news center of BASTIS. Here we keep you updated with new developments within BASTIS and point out interesting findings relevant for heritage tourism in the Baltic Sea region.
  • The forum is the place for discussion. Here you can ask, compliment and criticize the editors of BASTIS and discuss with other users about heritage tourism in the Baltic Sea region.

Bastis Advisory Board

The BASTIS Advisory Board has the task to accompany this development and implementation with advice and comments based on the experiences of its members. This is to ensure that BASTIS will meet practical requirements and provide added value for heritage tourism in the BSR:

  • Liisa Hentinen (Finnish Tourist Board, Finland)
  • Regina Zirguleviciene (Lithuanian Association of Castles an Manors, Lithuania)
  • Martin Ahlberg (Baltic Sea Tourism Commission (BTC), Sweden)
  • Wolfgang Günther (Institute for Tourism Research in Northern Europe (NIT), Germany)
  • Aivi Telvik (West-Estonia Tourism, Estonia)