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Heritage Sites:Suvorov Memorial Museum

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Heritage Sites: The Suvorov Memorial Museum

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Suvorov Memorial Museum
Suvorov Museum.jpg
Country Russia
Place Located in St. Petersburg
Short Description The museum building resembles a castle from fairy-tales of gallant warriors and is nicely decorated with turrets and battlements, along with medieval armors carved of stone.
Visitors 2010 34 900

The Suvorov Museum in St. Petersburg was built in 1901-1904. Patterned after architectural styles of ancient Russian citadels, the museum building resembles a castle from fairy-tales of gallant warriors and is nicely decorated with turrets and battlements, along with medieval armors carved of stone. The museum facade bears two great mosaic panels, showing episodes from the life of Alexander Suvorov (1729/30-1800) – Russia's greatest military commander. He also was in charge of building fortresses in Finland and towns in the southern part of Russia. There is a mosaic image of Suvorov's coat of arms up on the central watch tower of the museum. This tower's steeple is adorned with the gilded double-headed eagle – a symbol of the Russian State.

Suvorov Museum.jpg
  • Country: Russia
  • Location: Located in St. Petersburg, close to Taurida Gardens (Tavrichesky Sad), Smolny Cathedral and the Museum complex “The Universe of Water”. The nearest metro station is Chernyshevskaya.
  • Type of location: The Suvorov Memorial Museum in St. Petersburg has been the first memorial museum of Russia and also the third Russian museum to be housed in a specially constructed building. Designed by an architect Alexander von Gogen and constructed between 1901 and 1904, it stylistically borrows from old Russian fortress architecture (especially from the Kremlin in Moscow) to stress the fact that the museum is dedicated to the greatest Russian commander and one of the famous generals of the World – Alexander Suvorov.
  • Experience offered: Collection of Suvorov's museum was initially formed mainly from the gifts of admirers of remembrance of the commander. The museum's funds are based upon three big collections, such as the original Suvorov Konchanskaya church with all furniture, where the awards of the commander were kept, a set of Suvorov's documents presented by emperor Nikolay II to the museum in the years 1902 to 1904 and a well-known set of items collected by the known astronomer and the admirer of Suvorov's talent, Vasily Pavlovich Engelgardt who collected relics, connected with the Swiss campaign of the commander. Tours, museum programmes and concerts are available in the museum. No cafe/restaurant.
  • Website:
  • Postal Address: 43 Kirochnaya Ulitsa, 191015 St. Petersburg, Russia
  • phone +7 812 5793914, fax +7 812 2742850
  • e-mail:

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
MO, TH-SU 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Booking office: 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Closed: TU, WE, the first MO of every month

Guided Tours: daily in Russian, in English on demand

  • Entrance fee:
Single ticket: 300 roubles (about 7 €)
Photo and video: 100 roubles (about 3 €)

  • How to get there
By car:
By train:
By boat:

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

  • The territory of Suvorov Memorial Museum is 6800 m²
  • Floor space of Suvorov Memorial Museum – approx. 2853 m²
  • Total exhibition floor space - approx. 763 m²

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
31 000 29 400 31 500 30 400 34 900 26 400

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitor's structure

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Country
  • Are the visitors on holiday or visiting from their home?
  • If on holiday:
What kind of holiday?
Holiday accommodation?
Holiday means of transportation?
Holiday alone/accompanied by ...?

Visitor's behaviour

  • First time visitors to Holiday Site?
  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?
  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?

Visitors satisfaction

  • Satisfaction with different aspects of Heritage Site

Marketing etc.

In order to promote Suvorov Memorial Museum services and become more attractive, the museum uses following:

  • Printing material: Guidebook, leaflets, posters for events
  • Participation in tourist fairs: Intourfest in St.Petersburg
  • Social media: Information about upcoming events is available on Suvorov museum page on Twitter ->suvorovmuseum and on YouTube.
  • Information about museum services and events is sent straight to the tourist companies in St. Petersburg working in the sphere of inbound tourism.

  • Cooperations:
Suvorov museum closely cooperates with South Karelia Museum in Lappeenranta and Association of Finnish museums in exhibition work, professional exchange, meetings and conferences. Suvorov museum is also in contact with research workers in Switzeland, Italy, Bulgaria and the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Suvorov Museum is interested in bilateral and international cooperation with other museums and cultural institutions to learn more about other museum’s experience, to use it in improving existing services and developing new ones.
  • Development plans


Facts about Suvorov Memorial MuseumRDF feed
Coordinates59° 56' 49" N, 30° 22' 38" E  +
CountryRussia  +
Heritage Site CategoryMuseum  +
PlaceLocated in St. Petersburg  +
Reference Year2010  +
Short DescriptionThe museum building resembles a castle from fairy-tales of gallant warriors and is nicely decorated with turrets and battlements, along with medieval armors carved of stone.
Visitors 20052,005 }}}  +
Visitors 200631,000  +
Visitors 200729,400  +
Visitors 200831,500  +
Visitors 200930,400  +
Visitors 201034,900  +  +