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Heritage Sites:Narva Castle

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Narva Castle
Country Estonia
Place Narva
Short Description One of the oldest museums of Estonia. Medieval castle, consists of the main building with the Tall Hermann tower in its northwest corner, Northern Yard and big western yard.
Visitors 2010 126,566

Narva Castle was constructed in the 13th century and now is home to Narva Museum, museum of history of Narva and its surroundings. The museum's art collection is on display at the Art Gallery.


About the Heritage Site

  • Country: Estonia (Ida-Virumaa county)
  • Location: Located in Narva,on the western bank of the Narva river, on the border with the Russian Federation, 210 km to the east from Tallinn and 130 km southwest from Saint Petersburg
  • Type of location: Medieval castle, consists of the main building with the Tall Hermann tower in its northwest corner, Northern Yard and big western yard. The Art Gallery is situated 700 m north of the castle on Gloria bastion. The gallery is a two-storeyed building, which was constructed in 1777 and served as a military storehouse.
  • Experience offered: The Narva Museum is one of the oldest museums of Estonia. Since 1980's when the Narva castle was reopened after decades of restoration, museum's permanent and temporary exhibitions are there on display. Permanent historical exhibition gives an opportunity to learn more about the history of Narva and Narva castle. Northern Yard, embodiment of 17th century artisan street, is open in summer. There visitors can chat with an apothecary, observe blacksmiths at work, learn about lace-making and woodwork. Tours and museum programmes are available in the castle and art gallery.
  • Website:
  • Facebook: [1]
  • Postal Adress:
Narva Muuseum, Peterburi mnt 2, 20308 Narva, Estonia
phone: 372 3599235; fax: 372 3599232

Accessibility of Heritage Site

  • Opening times:
Narva Castle: Summer: daily, 10 am – 6 pm;
Autumn - Spring: Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm, Monday - Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm each hour
Art Gallery: Summer: daily, 10 am – 6 pm;
Autumn - Spring: Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm, Monday - Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm each hour
Restaurant is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm, on Fridays and Saturdays till 2 am.
  • Entrance fee :
Type of ticket Narva Castle and Art Gallery Narva Castle only Art Gallery only
Single ticket Winter - 3 EUR

Summer - 6 EUR

Winter - 2 EUR

Summer - 5 EUR

1.50 EUR
Reduced single ticket (seniors, students) Winter - 1,50 EUR

Summer - 3.30 EUR

Winter - 1.20 EUR

Summer - 3.30 EUR

Family ticket Winter - 6 EUR

Summer - 12 EUR

Winter - 4 EUR

Summer - 10 EUR

Excursions 20 EUR 14 EUR 10 EUR

NB! Summer period starts in May (one weekend before last, around 20th of May) and ends in the end of August. Winter period - september till May (one weekend before last).

  • How to get there
By car: Narva has good road connections to Tallinn, Tartu and Saint Petersburg. On the castle's territory (Peterburi mnt 2) car parking is allowed on a little square in front of the big gate only with the permit of Narva Museum. Free parking is also possible on the Peeter Square just hundred meters away in front of the castle or in the yards of the nearest buildings.
By train: Trains from Tallinn to Narva go every day. Trains that connect Moscow and Tallinn also make a stop in Narva. The Castle is situated about 2 km from the main train and bus station. One of the busiest bus stops is situated 5 minutes walk from the castle.

The museum is not wheelchair accessible.

Size/capacities of Heritage Site

  • The territory of Narva museum is 68,612 m²
  • Floor space of Narva castle - 63,380 m²
  • Floor space of Art Gallery - 5,232 m²
  • Total exhibition floor space - 3,911 m²

Number of visitors in Heritage Site

2007 2008 2009 2010
Summer 32,185 33,203 28,536 26,408
Winter 30,708 39,525 42,684 43,516
Narva Castle 48,505 58,022 55,874 47,350
Art Gallery 14,443 15,065 15,346 18,741
Castle territory 93,566 60,475
Total 62,893 72,728 164,786

(71,220 - inside)


(66,091 - inside)

Visitor's structure, behaviour, satisfaction

Visitors of Narva Castle
Reference Year 2011
Average age of visitors 34.3 years
Share of international visitors 55 %
Average group size 5.0
Characteristics of visit: trip from holiday destination 28 %
Characteristics of visit: trip from home 39 %
Characteristics of visit: touring 33 %
Share of first time visitors 69 %
Time spent at attraction: up to 2 hours 62 %
Time spent at attraction: more than 2 hours 38 %
Awareness of attraction: personal recommendation 43 %
Awareness of attraction: Internet 14 %
Awareness of attraction: travel guide/other attractions 15 %
Overall Satisfaction with visit 4.5 (average)
Satisfaction: Price 3.8 (average)
Satisfaction: Opening hours 4.1 (average)
Satisfaction: Service 4.1 (average)
Satisfaction: Information 4.0 (average)

During the summer of 2011, all Heritage Sites engaged in the Agora 2.0 project have conducted visitor surveys at their sites, using a common questionnaire. The aim of this surveys is to receive comparable results of all these sites concerning visitor structure, visitor behaviour and visitor satisfaction. In Narva Castle 394 inteviews were realised. Below you find the Narva results in detail. In the Infobox to your right you see central results at one glance which will also be covered in benchmarking reports to compare them with other heritage sites.

Visitor's structure

  • Sex: 62% Female; 38% Male
  • Age: Average 34.3 years
0-19 years: 16%
20-39 years: 54%
40-59 years: 25%
60+ years: 5%
  • Country:
  1. Estonia (44%)
  2. Russia (35%)
  3. Latvia (4%)
  4. Germany (4%)
  5. Sweden (2%)
  6. Finland (2%)
  • Characteristics of visit:
39% excursion from home
28% excursion from holiday destination
33% touring (travelling around)

Visitor's behaviour

  • First time visitors: 69%; Repeating visitors: 31%
  • How did the visitors become aware of Heritage Site?
  1. Friends/relatives (32%)
  2. Internet (14%)
  3. Guides/brochures (11%)
  4. By chance/passing by (11%)
  5. Tourist information (10%)
  6. Other attractions (4%)
  • How did the visitors get to the Heritage Site?
  1. Car/caravan (57%)
  2. Walking (23%)
  3. Public transportation (12%)
  4. Booked tour/excursion (6%)
  • How much time did the visitors spend in Heritage Site?
18% up to 1 hour
53% 1-2 hours
29% more than 2 hours

Visitors satisfaction

The guest survey also covers in great detail the satisfaction of the guest with different aspects of the visit. The figueres shown are the average of a scale from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (not satisfied at all).

  • Overall satisfaction with visit: 4.5
  • Satisfaction with different aspects of the visit:
Admission price: 3.8
Price performance ratio: 4.0
Options for transport to the attraction: 3.8
Service/assistance: 4.1
Opening hours: 4.1
Child friendliness: 4.1
Parking facilities: 3.6
Content of attraction: 4.2
Information about attraction: 4.0
Sanitary facilities: 4.3
Cleanliness: 4.5
Shopping facilities: 4.0
Catering facilities: 3.7

Marketing etc.

  • Marketing efforts: In order to promote Narva Museum services and become more attractive, the museum uses following:
  • Printing material: Seasonal leaflets: Spring-Winter, Autumn-Winter, Summer
summer leaflet with information about Northern Yard
flyers and posters for big events
  • Participation in tourist fairs: Balttour Riga, Tourest Tallinn, Mardilaat Helsinki, leaflets are also sent to tourist fairs in Spb, Finland, Germany, Norway.
  • Information about museum services and events is sent straight to the tourist companies of Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Finland, as well as to all interested persons and organizations (like those, who left their contact information on the questionnaires).
  • Information about upcoming events and interesting changes is also available on Narva Museum Facebook account and YouTube.

  • Cooperations: Narva Museum is closely cooperating with other members of the Association of Castles and Museums Around the Baltic Sea, especially Skokloster and Häme Castle in order to promote the association and through it the common history and heritage of the castles around the Baltic Sea. Narva Museum also cooperates periodically with Ivangorod fortress and through the Narva City Government, with the city government of Ivangorod. The main focus of this cooperation is to maintain and restore the architectural complex of two fortresses and develop tourist services. Narva Museum is interested in the further bilateral and international cooperation with other museums and places of culture to learn more about other museums' experience, to develop together new services or to use each other expertise in improving existing services.