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Heritage Sites:Museums

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Vasa Museum Stockholm (Sweden), one of the museums participating in BASTIS

BASTIS provides information on the following museums within BSR (sorted by country, for a quick overview see the Benchmark Report):

  • Dudutky Museum of rural culture (Belarus): The ethnographical museum Dudutki is the first and the only private museum of material culture in Belarus. In the Dudutki museum activities and entertainment combine in harmony with nature and history.
  • Koguva village (Estonia): Koguva Village is the best-preserved village ensemble in Estonia (100 buildings, ca 20 permanent inhabitants). The buildings of Koguva date mainly from 1880-1930.
  • Sõrve Military Museum (Estonia): Sõrve Peninsula was the last foothold in the German forces on Estonian soil during World War II.
  • Kihnu Museum (Estonia): The Kihnu Museum was opened in 1974 in an old schoolhouse. The recognition of the Kihnu cultural space as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is a great source of pride and obliges the island dwellers to take special care of their ancient customs.
  • C.R Jakobson Farm Museum at Kurgja (Estonia): In the museum, you can learn about the life and work of Carl Robert Jakobson, who played a leading role during the times of Estonian national awakening in the 19th century, and the farm he established.
  • Viking Museum Haithabu (Germany): The museum is devoted to the archaeology and history of the Viking town of Hedeby. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the historical site.
  • Europos Parkas Open-Air Museum (Lithuania): Europos Parkas museum gives an artistic significance to the geographic centre of European continent. The museum is created as unity of art and nature and spans an area of 55 hectares.
  • Liubavas Manor Watermill Museum (Lithuania): The Liubavas museum was founded in the unique stonework mill of the manor. The museum was opened under the initiative of the artist Gintaras Karosas after the careful restoration of a watermill of Liubavas manor not far away from Vilnius. This monument of technological heritage tells the story of the manor and exhibits the authentic fixtures of the mill.
  • Geological Museum (Poland): no viable information yet.
  • Suvorov Memorial Museum (Russia): The Suvorov Museum in St. Petersburg was built in 1901-1904. Patterned after architectural styles of ancient Russian citadels, the museum building resembles a castle from fairy-tales of gallant warriors and is nicely decorated with turrets and battlements
  • Vasa Museum Stockholm (Sweden): Nowhere in the world is there a ship like Vasa. Every year, more than a million people come to see the shipwreck which has become such a sensation. Vasa brings the 17th century to life for us.
  • Museum of Jewish Resistance in Novogrudok (Belarus): The memorial exhibition devoted to the Jewish resistance in the area of Novogrudok during the Holocaust was opened in the town of Novogrudok, 64, Minskaya street on July 24, 2007.

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