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New: BSR Heritage Tourism Image Analysis

From bastis

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In the Destination:BSR_Total section we added a study on the Heritage Tourism Image of the BSR. The study's leading question was: Is there a common image of the Baltic Sea Region overall and what is it like, especially regarding its natural and cultural heritage?

This image analysis should provide useful information for tourism suppliers in the Baltic Sea Region for successfully marketing their products. The analysis is based on desk research or secondary research, i.e. no primary research was carried out. Therefore, existing studies, papers and other available material have been reanalysed in order to answer the above stated research question.

The reviewed literature clearly shows that there are different common traits that can be considered as characteristic for the BSR, especially with regard to the natural and cultural heritage of the region, but that these common traits do not amount to a shared image or identity of the BSR.

Here you can download the whole paper